…which is now with Four-Wheel Sterring and 730 HP!

Thinking about the Aventadòr…old memories come to my mind. I remember, as if it was yesterday, when it was released for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show….it was in March 2011.

The Aventadòr, the new-generation Lamborghini, for the first time made of a carbon fibre monocoque, completely made by hand, hours and hours of the most excellent hand work….

Its beating heart retains the 6.5 liter displacement but, thanks to more aggressive valve timing and intake tuning, now puts out an extra 39 horsepower for a total of 730. The seven-speed automated manual transmission and all-wheel-drive system carry over. Its suspension is retuned, and the Aventador S also benefits from revised programming for the stability control and the drive modes. The Strada, Sport, and Corsa modes carry over, but an Ego drive mode (yes, really) is new and allows the driver to further customize the different stability-control, steering, and suspension settings. The standard Pirelli P Zero tires also are new for the S and are designed around the four-wheel-steering system. Also included on all Aventador S models are carbon-ceramic brake rotors.

Hard to think about a more menacing-looking Aventador but the S model’s styling updates achieve that feat. The front end features two new air ducts and a larger front splitter, while the rear has a new black diffuser and revised taillights. Lamborghini says that these changes result in a better aerodynamic profile with improved downforce at speed when the movable rear wing is in position.

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