June 1974 – Lamborghini News


We think it will be quite useful and nice to have from now on with all of you a steady contact by means of newsletters coming direct from our factory. We want this to happen in a simple yet exhaustive way and news coming from “the Fighting Bull” to be complete and detailed. So, dear Friends, after this short introduction we wish all the best to you and invite you to come and meet us here in Sant’Agata Bolognese to get better acquainted with us, our work and production processes of our cars. It was our aim to start this first newsletter by a relaxed description of our life here, but unfortunately we must tell you instead about the hard time we are facing due to new austerity regulations implemented in several countries. Especially the new speed limits ( 100 – 120 kms/h) are extremely alarming. As far as Italy is concerned, we have contacted our national and loca authorities asking for softer regulations for road tests and for speed limits on motorways to be simply abolished. We have also tried to make public opinion more sensitive about urgency to operate without such absurd limitations, involving in this action also some more GT cars manufacturers.

Technical News

In addition to production start of a small series of Countach in its final version early in March, the car went through on March 21st the crash tests made at the Mira ( Motor Industry Research Association) laboratories in the UK as required by safety regulations in nearby all European countries. The tests have been successful, thus giving to Countach the feature of being safe in addition to all the qualities it already had and has. An expert from our factory attended the tests. As Espada and Jarama already do, Urraco will soon be available in the North American market. Our Technical and Research Departments are about to complete the whole of operations to make the car conforming with safety standards and pollution limits set by USA Federal Authorities.The whole range of our current models has obtained 1974 conformity in Japan. Espada and Jarama S can now be equipped by request with automatic Chrysler -like transmissions to enhance features of these thoroughbred models. As a must to further improvements on the Countach production line, more specialised craftsmen have been hired to dress up the passanger rooms with the care and skill they ask for.Since April whole assembly and finishing of Urraco bodies are factory-made. These highly qualified operations confirm the traditional care we reserve to our prestige cars.

Geneva Motor Show

Its forth-fourth edition saw our cars elegantly exhibited in the stand of our Swiss distributors Karl Foitech and Marcel Willemin. This year’s Show suffered from the current worldwide economic crisis. Very few absolute novelties were introduced to the public. The whole range of our models set around the final Countach version achieved the usual success from press, television, photographers and visitors. At the same, a certain awakeniung in the high-range market for GT cars could be observed.

Sales Network

In the first months of 1974 two new Importers and Distributors have been appointed in Saudi Arabia and New Zeland.

Public Relations

Thanks to our open-doors policy, we have had the pleasure to welcome a lot of visitors, technical students, journalists, specialized people coming from all over the world. They all walked through our departments and along our machining and assembly lines expressing their appreciation for the high degree of skill and experience reached by our workmen and for the tidiness that is so pecuyliar to our factory. The journalist s Athos Evangelisti for “L’Europeo” magazine, Marcello Minerbi for “Automobil Revue” and Giuseppe Piazzi for “Oggi” road-tested the Urraco. Ray Hutton for “Autocar” road-tested the Espada with automatic transmision..The “1000 km”, fourth international challenge in this year’s World Marks Championship, took place in Imola on June 2ndLamborghini was honoured by the organising committee as Countach was the testimonial that opened the racing track. The car, white, was an outstanding eye-catcher at the starting line with the Matra world champions, the Salfas and further marks competing. The public, about 50.000 people, appreciated the presence of our car deeply. The most famous champions attending asked for getting road-tests. The car caught the interest, too, of the technical staffs involved in the event…………