The history of Mille Miglia, the Reliability race reserved to card produced within 1957, dates back to 1927 when for the first time different types of streetcars departed on an endurance tour from Brescia on a 1,700-km-journey towards Rome and then back towards the starting point. The race was held yearly until 1957 and then abandoned.
Today, the mille Miglia race race started from Brescia on 15 May and after a four-day journey it reached once again the city of Brescia. The fourth and last leg was held on 18 May and after departing from the city of Bologna it crossed Modena, Parma, Montichiari, Travagliato on the way to Brescia.

Now on its 37th edition, today’s Mille Miglia follows the format of reliability race introduced in 1977 and features some of the cars that participated in the historical editions from 1927 to 1957. Only original vehicles whose quality has been certified by authorised associations for the safeguard of historical cars can participate.