One of the reasons why I would advise anyone to spend a few days in Bologna is definitely food. Certainly, Bologna has a historical and cultural heritage of inestimable value, but food takes full part in it, exuding history and tradition from every bite. You will learn much more about Bologna by going to dinner in a downtown trattoria than by reading its history on a book! I don’t think it’s by chance that Bologna is the Italian capital of food, not to discredit the other Italian regional cuisines, but there’s a reason if abroad, when you ask someone what he likes best of Italian cuisine, Bologna immediately overtakes the rankings with two dishes in particular: lasagne and spaghetti Bolognese! It is no coincidence if someone, that knows about food – and not only! has decided to enhance the entire Italian culinary heritage within this welcoming territory. The project FICO – alias Fabbrica Italiana COntadina – born in Bologna on 15 November 2017, aims to enhance our national food heritage, within a territory that represents the centre of gravity of gastronomic tradition.