About Us

Cristina Guizzardi

The passionate world of the supercar is a place where art, science, technology and tradition mix to create legends, myths and heroes. It is a realm shrouded in secrecy and rumors.
Few people know the truth behind the myths. Fewer still have witnessed these legends and walked among these heroes.
Cristina Guizzardi is one of those few.
Born in Sant’Agata, under the sign of the bull, Cristina is a part of the fabric that weaves the supercar world together. From the moment Cristina first heard a Lamborghini engine roaring down Via Modena as a young girl (aka the Valentino Balboni Highway), her story has intertwined with that of Lamborghini and the world of supercars. Cristina spent six years at Bugatti, and almost 20 years at Lamborghini.

Rossella Terzi

Rossella Terzi has been active ìn the motorìng fìeld for 8 years.
Wìth a skilled team of collaborators whose main aim has always been touring around guests coming from all over the world to visit the excellences in motors  placed ìn the Motor Valley, offering first class services, customized and prìvate.
Organizing important events such as celebration of Ferruccio Lamborghìni anniversary, reunions of Lamborghìni clubs from all over the world, some significant VIP meetings  in Italy, she has earned a promìnent place ìn the automotìve world.